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Highlighted by Editors’ Choice in Science Translational Medicine (STM) “Lather, rinse, repeat for giant results

[15] J.-R. Lee§, J. Choi§, T.O. Shultz§, and S.X. Wang*, Small Molecule Detection in Saliva Facilitates Portable Tests of Marijuana Abuse. Analytical Chemistry, 88, 7457-7461 (2016) [link]

Highlighted by FOX NEWS “Legal marijuana causes concerns over stoned driving”, NBC Bay Area “Stanford Researchers Developing ‘Pot-alyzer’ to Help Police”, and Stanford News “Stanford engineers develop the ‘potalyzer,’ a roadside saliva test for marijuana intoxication”, and other multiple media

[14] J.-R. Lee, D.J.B. Bechstein, C.C. Ooi, A. Patel, R.S. Gaster, E. Ng, L.C. Gonzalez, and S.X. Wang*, Magneto-nanosensor platform for probing low-affinity protein-protein interactions and identification of a low-affinity PD-L1/PD-L2 interaction. Nature Communications, 7, 12220 (2016) [link]

Featured in Scope blog of Stanford Medicine, “New technology reveals surprise immune system discovery

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§ These authors contributed equally. 

* Corresponding author.